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Reiki Healer, Life Coach & Podcaster

Creating Your I Can Lifestyle

Are you walking around like you've got it all together yet knowing in the background everything is falling apart?

Maybe you're tired of being sick and tired.

Perhaps you're looking to get  back to you.

YOU' VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!  I feel your pain and struggle because I've been there too!   Read more here


From Victim to Victory Podcast

Light and Shadow
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New Episode Every Week

Every week I am interviewing incredible human beings who have transformed from being a Victim to Victory.  They are sharing their amazing stories of triumph through forgiveness.


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Work with me

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The Discovery Call

Have questions? Let's talk.  Book your Discovery Call Today!  

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Looking for an online program or live one-on-one coaching? 

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Reiki Healing

Discover the power of Reiki.  Create balance between mind, body and spirit.  

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Working with Nina was exactly what I needed at a point in my life when I knew that I needed a change but had no idea what that change needed to be. Her combination of structured process with seemingly meandering conversations helped me get to the root of what I wanted to change in both my professional and personal life. I really appreciated that Nina tailored her approach to meet my particular needs and personal situation while providing tools, support, advice and clarity that allowed me to move in a positive direction.

Heather, Program Manager

I knew what I wanted but I didn't know how to achieve it.  Nina had me see how my thinking was getting in my way.  She supported me love, kindness and a kick in the you know what when I needed it. By working with her I was truly able to change my I can't to I CAN and I did!

Francia, Career Counsellor and Coach

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