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Are you ready to unlock your potential and maximize your expansion? Nina Ganguli has created a strategic platform that takes you from A to B with ease. From individual coaching to corporate workshops; women's events and self-development, to online workshops and webinars.... Nina delivers on her word. Her dynamic personality and vibrant energy uplifts you in an instant. Her personal journey is incorporated into her format which provides authenticity for others and a safe space to share and grow. Whether you acquire Nina to speak at your next event or hire her as your personal coach, Nina is your ally to raise the results in your personal and professional life.

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CLARITY. DIRCTION. VISION.PLANNING. ACTION:   In this course you will develop the roadmap to living a created life.  Using my 5 C System you will take the time to CONSIDER, CREATE, CONSTRUCT, CONQUER and CHARGE into your I CAN LIFE!

1. CONSIDER your life NOW! Let's look at where you are so you know where you need to go.  In this module we will be doing a deep dive and look at there areas of life that are important to and why. 


2. CREATE the vision. What do you want  your life to look and feel like? In this model we create a detailed picture of your I CAN LIFE!

3. CONSTRUCT your plan. How are to going to do this?  In this Module we look at what actions and resources you need to accomplish the picture you created.

4. CONQUER your obstacles and limiting beliefs.  In this module look at what's going to get in your way of living and creating your I CAN LIFE. We look at developing a mitigation strategy so you can keep moving.

5. CHARGE forward!  This is where the pedal hits the metal.  In this module we create an accountability structure that will support you ensure that you take the actions needed to drive your vision and plan forward!  It's execution time!

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12 Week One-on-One
Coaching Program

Coaching. Who needs it anyways? Truth is, no one does!!
Yet, if you are looking to go from zero to sixty with electrifying speed, then you may want to consider that coaching gives you access to the areas of your life where your fears, past and your "I can't" mentality slam the door.

If you are looking to thrive versus survive and raise your life results, a coach can be the bridge that connects you to your dreams and goals.

Nina Ganguli: certified professional coach who specializes in curing your "can't-aholism" and plugging you into your own source of inner power to discover your "I CAN" lifestyle

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I Can Mastermind

 2 day in person or virtual  (depending on circumstances) workshop that will have you in recovery from your “I can’t” lifestyle. 


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The I Can't Myth Buster!

  We will spend 3 hours together looking at how you are showing up in the world and then we will shatter the myth!  We all tell ourselves stories about the life we have or don't have.  We will put those stories to rest and create a new frame/context for your life!

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