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My Story

As a survivor of years of sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, I know what it’s like walking around not knowing who I am, what my purpose is or how to even move forward.  I felt exhausted of pretending, of keeping the peace and the pretense of everything is fine…everything wasn’t fine, and I just couldn't keep pretending any more.

It took work to get to where I am today! A LOT OF WORK! I’m still a work in progress and will always be but now I have the tools to create my I CAN LIFE!   I had to go through the stages of feeling my emotions, then dealing with the pain and finally healing.

Through this process I discovered my true calling and purpose which is to help people just like you! I am honoured to now be an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Reiki Master.  I can proudly declare that I am the I CAN life leader and healer. Through giving you the space FEEL, DEAL and HEAL what no longer serves you so you can be freed up to BE exactly who you were purposed to be.

Now it’s your turn to live your I CAN LIFESTYLE; and I am excited to partner with you on this journey.


"Change is not easy, but its's always worth it."

The I CAN Promise

When you CHANGE your mindset, you are free to CREATE anything you want. You will then CONNECT to your greatness and be free to CONTRIBUTE to others and live your I CAN lifestyle. 

Change, create, connect, and contribute is a recipe formulated by Nina Ganguli to supercharge your life. Nina lives out loud with her heart exposed through her dynamic smile and authenticity. She is committed to being your partner in having it ALL! The only limits you put on your life were created by the mind. Her methodology reformulates and restructures the I CAN'T thinking that has been residing in your thoughts and eradicates its power.

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